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In business for over 18 years, Total Rebuild is a name you can trust to diagnose and solve all of your pump-related problems.

In business for over 18 years, Total Rebuild is a name you can trust to diagnose and solve all of your pump-related problems.

This technology offers a numbers of features not found in the traditional mechanical circular chart recording systems. For example,it can support up to 15 part/tools connected in series/string using a common pressure.  The chart scale is linear display as opposed to paper charts. The graphic resolution is typically +/- 22.75 psi vs. 250 psi (30k) on circular charts.  

The test data management feature electronically files in applicable unique part and serial directories.   This feature had proven to increase productivity and cost effectiveness through the elimination “touch labor” associated with paper chart management and distribution.   This feature also enables rapid retrieval and distribution of test data files via either e-mail or HTML formatted web-pages.  It can also be upgraded to facilitate real-time test monitoring at remote (customer) locations. 

Files Directory

The primary purpose of the “Files Directory” is to store test data and essential configuration file. It contains the part and serial numbers, and configuration sub-directories. It is a critical component to the system and should be backed up regularly ideally to a server or a CD Rom.  If this directory is missing or corrupted,  the program will crash. It a brief description of this directory is provided below.

Data Directory:

This sub-directory is a “catch all” database.  The data logging function writes files directly to this directory.  It saves all test files whether complete of incomplete.  The files contained in this directory can be used to either continue an existing test or be used for default information in creating new test. 

Archive Directory:

The purpose of this sub-directory is for storage of historical data.  The archiving routine is designed to store only completed. Incomplete test results or duplicate files are rejected. It is imperative that this directory be backed up daily on a server or CD Rom.

Configuration Directory:

This sub-directory store three essential configuration files. It contains information about last file at the time of shut down, the parts/tool inventory listing, and the user access list.  The system will automatically create and load missing or corrupted files.  It is also imperative that inventory list be backed up daily on a server or CD Rom.

The experience needed to provide you with solutions

Whether your pump is damaged and in need of repairs or simply needs routine maintenance and service, Total Rebuild has the solutions for you. With over 18 years of experience, we have the capabilities to solve all of your pump-related problems no matter how major or minor. Stop in today to have one of our experienced technicians diagnose the issue and have your pump working like new.

Total Body rebuilds air / gas driven pumps including:

  • S/C Hydraulics
  • Haskel
  • Testeam
  • Teledyne Sprague
  • Hydraulics International
  • Aro
  • Wilden
  • Sandpiper
  • McFarland
  • Sidewinder and more

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