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At Total Rebuild, we design and build only the best pumps, setting the industry standards in excellence and safety.

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The Multi-Tool Linear Chart Recorder is a computerized data recording system developed by APG technologies, LLC, Spring, TX. The Multi-tool concept was conceived, designed, developed, and improved upon over a five-year period with the assistance of Total Rebuild, Inc. of Lafayette, LA, and Superior Rental Tools of Youngsville, LA.

Thanks to Superior for giving us the rare opportunity to develop and test the system "on-sight", "over-the-shoulder", at their test facility in Youngsville, LA. After many trial, errors, and modifications, we were successful in developing a highly reliable and user-friendly digital chart recording and test data management system.

The opportunity to develop the system "on sight" was extremely helpful. It enabled us to identify and correct software problems on-the-fly and also expedited user-proficiency training. Moreover, APG Technologies' ultimate goal is to develop an affordable linear chart recorder with a test data management system. Initially, our target market was the small to medium sized pressure testing companies (field shops) with limited budgets and the desire to augment/eliminate paper chart recorders.

User-Friendly Operation:

Running a test requires several easy steps as follows:  First Select the part to tested, connect up the part/tool string, after a safety check, apply pressure to the string and verify the string will hold pressure. Next, turn on the linear chart recorder host compute: enter the test information i.e., part and serial number, descriptive information, test pressure limit, settle and test time.  
After this information is entered and saved, run the test.  When the set-pressure is reached the test will run automatically and will inform the operator if the test fails. When test is complete and no leakage present, the test results can then be saved in the historical database and test graphs distributed as required.

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Not only is Total Rebuild an authorized SC Hydraulics Engineering dealer and one of Louisiana's most well-known and trusted distributors of major manufacturer's pump lines, but we also design and build our very own high pressure systems and pumps.
Owner Terry Lavergne has been designing, building, and servicing pneumatic, hydraulic, high pressure test systems, and air / gas driven pumps for over 21 years, so you can count on his experience to produce top-quality products. We pride ourselves on designing and building the best products in our industry, and when it comes to excellence and safety, we set the standard.
  • Patented Safety Test System 
  • Portable 1-hand down-hold equalization / Injection / test unit
  • Portable fill and pressure system
  • Self-contained hydraulic power / injection unit
  • Mini pumps

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